Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

The tooth can be divided into two basic parts – the root and the crown.A cemented restoration that partially or completely covers the outside of the clinical crown is referred to as a dental crown, or cap.

There are many situations that require a tooth to be restored with a dental crown.Below is a list of the most common:

  • A large filling that involves half the width of the tooth needs to be covered with a dental crown.
  • A root canal treatment leaves the tooth hollowed out and will need a dental crown to prevent fracturing.
  • When a tooth is fractured and pain is involved and dental crown can hold the tooth together.
  • Teeth that have an unacceptable appearance can be altered using dental crowns.
  • Dental crowns are placed over implants to close gaps from missing teeth.

Dental crowns can be made out of a gold alloy, other metal alloys, stainless steel, allporcelain, composite resin or zirconia. There are advantages and disadvantage to all of the types of dental crowns. Visit Sunrise Dental Eugene today and discuss your options with a dental professional.We offer convenient appointment hours to meet your busy schedule.

Dental crowns should last on average from 10 to 20 years. Dental crowns are still susceptible to fracture and cavities so it is important to continue treating them as you would your natural teeth. Regular dental checkups and daily good oral hygiene will help keep your smile healthy and happy.

The cost of dental crowns varies depending on the materials used, so contact a Sunrise Dental Eugene professional today to discuss your options.We have friendly staff members available to help you understand your dental benefits and out of pocket costs for dental crowns.